Monocoque Design

Advanced Level
EUR 399.00
In this advanced monocoque design course, you'll learn from former McLaren and Koenigsegg car designers what the monocoque design process is like, what you need to keep in mind for this task, and the secrets of using composite materials. The course will be taught online and live. At the end of each class you will be able to get all your questions answered, and you will also be able to review the classes as many times as you want. Moreover, there will be an online Q&A session with the experts! The recordings will be available 24 hours after the live session. For more information, please contact

Trainers: Lluc Martí, Alex Batan, Marc Oliva, Eneko Angulo

Course Content: Introduction, Performance, Safety, Design Process - Concepts, Design Process - Practical, Calculation - Basic Concepts, Technologies and Applications, Costing, Q&A

Mode: Online Live - Wednesday 18.00h - 20.00h CET

Start date: 21-04-2021

Course duration: 10 lessons, 20 hours total