Workshop course - Design and manufacture of parts - Oneshot

Advanced Level
EUR 1,050.00
For this workshop practice, you will have 16 hours of preparation in online, recorded and live classes. Then, we will go to a first level workshop in Barcelona, where we will make pieces for hypercars. There we will design the piece, do the lamination, cut and finish the piece. You will learn how to put solution to the glued joints, to use parallel bags, to know varieties of cores for the interior of the piece, to design pieces with molded mechanical joints, to design mold partitions to avoid piece partitions. And, above all, to design and manufacture with composite materials in a correct and convenient way.

Next edition: September 2021 - Barcelona.

This course has a minimum capacity of 7 people and a maximum capacity of 12 people.

The cost includes transport within Barcelona (hotel-workshop-hotel) for both days and two nights in a hotel.